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Trevor Maroney

Trevor Maroney has lived in Liphook since 1998 and is married with a son and grandson. He is chairman of the local Liberal Democrats and the Bramshott & Liphook Parish Plan, (www.liphookplan.co.uk) which was completed 3 years ago. He has served as a parish councillor, and drives for Liphook Voluntary Care.

Trevor is a retired army officer, qualified civil engineer, accountant and chartered secretary. In a successful and varied career he gained invaluable experience in construction, education and local government. He also served as a school bursar and charity treasurer.

If elected, Trevor plans to fight the Conservative cuts of 57% in affordable housing in Whitehill and Bordon and the closure of Chase Hospital. He will also ensure that the new town centre is delivered as promised.

Together with his colleagues, Trevor plans to create an effective opposition and a more open, transparent and accountable district administration where issues are debated in public, not behind closed doors.

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