New ward boundaries

The Local Government Boundary Commission has just published its draft recommendations on changes to district ward boundaries in East Hampshire. Whitehill / Liphook / Headley here, Clanfield and the south here. Petersfield and Alton to follow. It recommends multi-councillor wards and has increased the number of these from 5 to 14 leaving only 12 single-councillor wards.  Its remit is to create electoral equality.  You have until 11th December to say whether or not its recommendations meet this aim.  We do not believe that it does.

In our experience single-councillor wards enable independent candidates and smaller parties to stand.  Voters get to know the candidates, their policies and what they stand for.  In bigger wards with many more candidates people tend to lose interest and just vote along tribal lines. It’s little wonder that more people are choosing not to vote in local elections.

You can help to reverse this trend by going on the Commission’s website, noted below, and registering your views on multi-councillor district wards.  Take a look and tell the Commission what you think.  You don’t have to redraw boundaries on their map.  You will find some proposed, alternative single ward boundaries in the Whitehill / Liphook / Headley areas here and  covering email to the Boundary Commission here.  This follows on from our first submission last July, our letter to the Boundary Commission hereClanfield and the south here. Petersfield and Alton to follow.

If we don’t fight now for single-councillor wards then we will be stuck with existing one-sided, electoral inequalities for the next 17 to 20 years.  Make a difference, just make your comments here.

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