Protecting Education

Lib Dems commit to protecting the education budget from cradle to college.


Education is the best way to give children the opportunity to reach their full potential, wherever they live and whatever their background.  Liberal Democrats introduced a £2.5bn pupil premium to get extra money to the children who need the most help; introduced free school meals for under 7s; and expanded free nursery places to cut the cost of childcare and give children the best possible start.

Our manifesto commits us to go even further. We will protect the education budget from cradle to college – including sixth form colleges.  We aim to eradicate child illiteracy by 2025 so every child leaves primary school able to read well. We will give every child access to a high quality pre-school education and ensure that every child is taught by a qualified teacher. We will set up a review into the VAT treatment of Sixth Form Colleges and FE Colleges to ensure fair treatment in relation to the schools sector.

Richard Robinson says “Conservative plans to cut public services threaten education funding.  In government, Liberal Democrats have insisted on protecting school budgets - without us that protection would disappear.”

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