Petersfield Butser

David Podger

I’m Hampshire born with strong Hampshire roots and have lived in the Petersfield Butser Division for nearly 20 years. I have four children who were all educated in local state schools and at the College where my wife teaches. My daughter is now a primary school teacher at the school she once attended.

I am a campaigner for local issues and am a Trustee of a well-known children’s charity. The closure of Children’s Centres was one of the reasons I became active in local politics.

In my time, I have taught at universities at home and abroad, held senior executive roles in business, served on the Board of National and International charities, and now work for a Petersfield-based not-for-profit organisation. I started my career in Africa and have lived and worked in several European countries, but have never felt happier than among the lovely hills of our South Downs.

My experience has taught me understand the problems that people face in their daily lives and helped me to see what needs to be done to fix them.

As a result of the time on the doorstep with other campaigners listening to people in Petersfield, Clanfield, East Meon, Burton and Langrish, I know the issues that concern them most.  People are worried about changes in social care, the NHS, schools, and the quality of life in their neighbourhoods: fly-tipping, speeding traffic, pot holes, uneven footpaths and poorly maintained public spaces.

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