Video - David Buxton talking about Health & Social Care

David Buxton talking about the major problems with Health & Social Care. Click Read More to get the link to the YouTube video.

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Video - why are we voting for David Buxton

Alton Lib Dem supporters say why they will vote for David Buxton. Click Read More to get the link to the YouTube video.

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First leaflet out now

David Buxton's first Focus leaflet is out now, and is being distributed by our keen and willing volunteers.

We are delivering widely throughout constituency but unfortunately we will not be able to get to every house. We intend that everyone will get at least one of our leaflets before polling day.

To see a copy click on the pictures.


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David Buxton - Time for a strong voice for East Hampshire - Time for change

Dear East Hampshire Resident

I'm not a career politician. I'm a strong community and national campaigner, and active resident who over the past few years has become increasingly concerned about the direction our country is taking. Britain no longer seems to the fair, decent, tolerant place I grew up in.

Watching the fallout from the 2016 Brexit vote as both the Conservative and Labour Parties became more and more extreme I decided to stop shouting at the television and to try to make a real difference. 

My values are clear; fairness, decency, and community. These will form the basis of what I will campaign on to improve the lives of the people, families, and communities of East Hampshire. Whether that be for better housing, improving community and transport infrastructure, reversing education cuts, or supporting local businesses the test will always be the same - it needs to satisfy these values.

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