Ed Davey - Lib Dem Leader



I was a young carer for my mum, and now, with my wife Emily, raises my daughter Ellie and disabled son John. It is my experience of caring that drives much of my politics, and motivates my campaigning for more NHS investment and a better deal for carers.

I will travel up and down our country to meet you. To hear about the things that matter most to you. Your problems and fears, your hopes and dreams.

Our country is going through one of the most extraordinary and difficult periods for generations.

The challenge of Covid will affect our country and the world for decades to come. Millions of people are suffering.

As Leader of the Liberal Democrats, I want to reach out to help you and your community get through this.

Whether your concerns are your families’ health, your children’s education or your livelihood.

I want to understand the new future you want after all this - and help to deliver it.

But I want the Liberal Democrats to represent the whole country, not just some people, and to stand for fairness and opportunity for all.

That is my commitment to you as the leader of the Liberal Democrats.

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