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David Buxton

  • David is the Chief Executive of a Disabled People's Organisation, supporting disabled people from across London in accessing employment, education and training.
  • With over 20 years of senior executive experience, David has led the delivery of national social care and disability services. Leading expert in the social care sector and disability services.
  • On course to make history as Britain’s first ever deaf born MP, David has twice been elected Borough Councillor in London and Surrey and has been recognised as one of Britain’s most influential disabled people by the Shaw Trust’s Disability Power 100 List.

Rising from local to national campaigner - winning!

David is an innovative campaigner with a proven track record of winning support, driving campaigns and energising communities both locally and nationally.


Winning support

 David has run for Parliament twice, the last time in Lewisham East where he achieved a swing against Labour and the Conservatives

  • In 1997, fighting Labour in Lewisham East, he maintained the LibDem's share of the vote despite a Labour landslide victory
  • In 2001, fighting Labour, again in Lewisham East, he increased the parties vote by 5.2% with gains from Labour and the Tories
  • From 1997, David and his team fought hard to increase the number of councillors in Lewisham from 3 to 17 by 2006.
  • In 2010, Liberal Democrats came second at the General Election from a poor third place in 1997.
  • David's policy in 1997 of keeping to an agreed strategy led to more votes, more support, more helpers and more new members

If elected as an MP for East Hampshire, David will set out and then lead a clear campaign for East Hampshire, working with members, community activists, councillors and supporters to win more local support and gain more council seats in 2021 (County) and 2023 (District).


Winning campaigns

David is an experienced single-issue campaigner.

Among his successful campaigns:

·         "Free Ian Stillman" national campaign. Ian was falsely imprisoned in India. Fair Trials International said it was "one of the worst miscarriages of justice ever". David successfully lobbied the Prime Minister, the Foreign Secretary and other MP's, achieving success within two years.

·         British Sign Language national marches in Westminster, pressuring the government to recognize BSL as a language in its own right. Success in three years.

·         Lobbied Ministers and senior MP's for 18 years to improve access for disabled candidates. The Coalition Government agreed to set up a new Access Fund (abolished by Conservatives after the General Election 2015!)

·         Led a local campaign for demolition of a water tower for 3 years until the developers bowed to pressure and got rid of the tower. Many local residents praised David's dedicated campaign.

·         As an elected Councillor, led a local campaign for 2 years to get the council to demolish the unsafe, derelict Sefton Arms pub in the middle of the community. The site is now used for new housing.

If elected as an MP for East Hampshire, David will work with local councillors and community activists across the diverse constituency of East Hampshire to raise public awareness of community issues and concerns.

Building winning teams

David has a great record of building and energising local communities:

His motto: "build organic, not a machine"

·         In Epsom & Ewell, he dramatically increased the teams of helpers and deliverers in a strong Labour held ward, He fought hard to campaign and win a council seat. He won the seat in 2007 by 70 votes.

·         He set up a popular local Residents Association for 450 homes, organising community fun days and public meetings.

·         David set up Surrey Deaf Forum to bring local deaf residents together, empowering them to influence the key decision makers. The group grew from 12 to over 150 deaf residents.

If elected as an MP for East Hampshire, David will work closely with the local community, residents and voluntary groups to raise profile and campaigning presence across all communities, winning more support to make a real difference for all.

"I am lucky to have had a 30 year career that has taken me to so many different places and situations. When I was both voluntarily and professionally working on the human rights and equality programme, for example the outreach project in the Eastern European countries, I saw shocking inequality, discrimination and inhuman treatments that changed my own attitude to become a more effective social justice, human rights and disability campaigner since 1985. I will never forget that challenging and life-changing experience. These experiences, and many others, led me to join the Liberal Democrats in 1988. Since then, I've built a strong record of local and national successes"


David has a proven record on the front line, taking both local and national action to support people in changing their lives.

If elected as an MP for East Hampshire, this is the energy, experience and enthusiasm David wants to bring to East Hampshire!


David Buxton


As a borough councillor and chair of 450 homes residents group, David Buxton led the Water Tower Demolition Campaign in Surrey for three years until the developers bowed down to the intense pressure. The tower has now gone, many local residents praised David's dedicated and hardworking campaign!

Four Good Reasons Why David Deserves Your Vote

  1. Experienced councillor and campaigner – will fight hard to work with local residents across East Hampshire!
  2. Experienced leader, team player and builder – long history and proven track record! Will work with the community groups to take lead together, making a real difference!
  3. Delivered winning local and national campaigns – will stand up for liberal values and progressive policies across East Hampshire!
  4. Truly passionate and knowledgeable about East Hampshire – after living in a rural county and still working most of his life as a charity leader and campaigner.

If elected as East Hampshire’s MP, David would be the first Member of Parliament to use British Sign Language in the House of Commons in the entire history of British democracy.


David believes in


Education and Special Educational Needs policy is what brought David into national politics. He believes that the poorest in society should be given extra resources to tackle educational inequality. He fights for young people in East Hampshire to get vocational skills and qualifications from the age of 14.


As an MP, he would become one of the few MPs with a health and social care commissioning management background, and will apply his skills to shape policy. Furthermore he will also stand-up for older and disabled people that need domiciliary and community support, which will also fuel community jobs in the East Hampshire area.

Everyone deserves a decent home. The cost of housing is a key issue in welfare spending increases and why the welfare cap is causing difficulties for many residents. David will lead a campaign to find ways to deliver housing in East Hampshire.


The climate emergency will impact us all. We will ensure that 80% of our electricity is renewable by 2030. This means cheaper energy bills for residents and greener energy for the planet.

Pedestrians, cyclists, drivers, public transport - all need to work together in East Hampshire. David will work with councillors and experts to develop a cross-transport plan to tackle congestion and safety of residents.


David will keep civil liberties and human rights at the heart of our agenda. He wants to flght and work with for our local communities in East Hampshire: equality, respect, values, rights and fair justice. He is still against the "secret courts" legislation and will defend the Human Rights Act from any opponents.


David Buxton

On Europe, Eurosceptics and the Liberal Democrats

The Conservatives, Brexit Party and Labour are trying to get out of EU in the past 18 months. It’s crucial that the Liberal Democrats be the strongest and largest party of REMAIN, who stand up for unity and the real economic-benefits of our membership!

We all know Conservatives could not tell us what their policies on local government, social and health care, education or the economy are, never mind many more! They only shout out about immigration and leaving EU, nothing more!

My view is that we will always campaign for a strong Britain in a strong Europe because that is in our national interest. More than 40% of our exports go straight to our neighbours in the EU and much of our global trade depends on EU free trade agreements creating 3.5m jobs and attracting hundreds of billions of pounds of investment in the UK. Being part of the EU means we can tackle major challenges that we would not be able to face on our own, for example:

  • Maintaining a strong economy, and safeguarding British jobs
  • Tackling cross-border crime (such as terrorism, paedophile rings and credit card fraud)
  • Tackling climate change and securing energy supplies

Yes, we know Europe is not perfect and is in need of reform, their bureaucracy results in taking 15 years to define chocolate and they continue to work and travel between two seats of Parliament, things need to change!

But pulling out of the EU would risk millions of jobs, leave us vulnerable to crime and terrorism, and weaken our voice in global affairs. It would put our jobs, our safety and our future at risk. President Obama has already warned that the UK exiting the European Union would leave us cold to the £Billions worth of benefits being proposed through a future US-EU Trade Agreement.

For now, we must stress that the focus of this Government should be on creating jobs, growth, stability and tackling long term issues facing the country.



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