Open discussion - Housing - Weds 6th July - afternoon

An open, free, discussion entitled "How can we start to address the ongoing crisis in the availability and affordability of housing in Britain?"  Introduced by Caroline Dibden, vice president of the Hampshire branch of the Council for the Protection of Rural England. Wednesday 6th July starting ...

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Open discussion - Immigration - Weds 1st June afternoon

An open, free, discussion entitled "How do we arrive at a fair, humane and workable approach to immigration?"  Introduced by Mary Atkinson from the Joint Council for the Welfare of immigrants. Wednesday 1st June starting at 1-30pm until 2-45pm.

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Open discussion - "Poverty in Britain and Child Poverty in particular." - Wednesday 4th May afternoon

A discussion to be lead initially by Ian Dale from Alton Food Bank which is part of the Trussell Trust. He will present the human dimension of poverty based upon his own experience in Alton and research findings from the Trussell Trust. This will lead to a discussion on the definitions, causes, c...

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Ukraine - Past, Present and Future - a public talk, free entry

A free, open public talk to be given by Sergey Mikhalovsky, MSc, PhD.  Educated in Kyiv, recently Professor at the University of Brighton, School of Pharmacy and Biomolecular Sciences. Tuesday 19th April. Festival Hall, Petersfield 7pm. Collection for DEC Ukraine appeal.

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Great by-election win in Alton Wooteys

Congratulations to Lewis Jones elected to Alton Town Council for the Liberal Democrats with a 19% increase in our share of the vote.

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East Hampshire Liberal Democrats local party covers the area served by East Hampshire District Council

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