Demand single-councillor wards!

The Local Government Boundary Commission are currently reviewing district council wards in East Hampshire. Their recommendations, once agreed, will take effect before the 2019 district elections.  In some multi-councillor wards, Bramshott, Liphook and Headley for example, the electorate have 2 or even 3 votes, which is only advantageous to the biggest party. This is clearly unrepresentative and therefore most undemocratic!  

Single-councillor wards, would:

  • Enable all parties to compete equally on a level playing field making it easier for independent candidates to stand.
  • Offer a direct and accountable link between the resident and their councillor.
  • Give the community confidence that their views, however different, will be represented fairly at public meetings.
  • Encourage more residents to engage in the democratic process rather than feeling left out and, therefore, not voting.

If you think that the boundary review should create single-councillor wards, please sign the petition.


Will you sign?